CAPTIVATING - Pictured is Premium size


This beautiful arrangement of flowers will Captivate all who have the pleasure to receive it.

With slightly fragrant pastel Stocks in pale pink, mauve and white, they are teamed up with delicate pale pink roses and green and brugundy succulents.

Enjoy this long lasting arrangement of flowers and when the stocks and roses have finished blooming then you can plant the succulents straight into your garden, pot plant or arrange them in the recycled timber box that they were delivered in. 

This is a gift that keeps on giving!!!!

Although Captivating is displayed in pastel colours, we can substitute the white stocks for Dark Cadbury purple and Hot Pink roses for a brighter option.

When in season we will swap the succulents for ornamental kale "mini cabbage flowers" for a truely Captivating floral arrangement

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